Best thin large-scale metal plasma cnc laser cutting machine

China 1325 1530 cheap torch height controller plasma huayuan metal steel cutting cnc plasma cutting machine


1. High accuracy: be suitable for various precision metal cutting;

2. Ball screws and servo motors : Be sure the high efficacy .

3. Small heat affected zone, good dimension stability. Flat and handsome laser-slotted, further process is unnecessary;

4. Steady performance: as a mature laser apparatus, the YAG laser cutting machine is suitable for serial production.

5. Fast speed:100 times higher than traditional linear cutting;

Applicable material:

Stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, spring steel, Aluminum alloy, copper plate, Aluminum plate, gold, silver, Titanium, other metal plates and metal pipes, and so on.

The main configuration






2D Cutter


capacitor Auto following cutting head

1 set

imported servo motor

2 sets

imported ball screw

1 set

imported guide rail

2 sets

basement  subassembly

1 set

Gantry type subassembly

1 set

500W laser source

1 set


Laser Power


1 pc


Laser Chiller


1 pc


Computer control


Computer main box

1 pc

17"  LED monitor

1 pc

panel cabinet

1 pc

Movement control card

1 set

Control panel

1 set


Net Saw-teeth Worktable


1 pc

Scrap box

2 pcs

The main technical parameters

Type Specification


Laser wave length


Max. laser power




Travel area


Pulse frequency


Minimum line width


Working Power


Max  speed

moving:6000mm/min; cutting:3000mm/min

Max Cutting thickness

Stainless steel 5mm, Carbon steel 6mm

Suitable materials

Stainless steel, Carbon steel, Aluminium plate, Copper plate, Titanium plate,etc.

Floor space



4000 KG

Laser power:

The internal part of ZGM-SD Model pulse laser power is control by SCM,so it is real numerical controlled power. The user can programme on a variety of laser waveforms and parameters through the keyboard, and thus this laser power can meet the needs of almost all metal welding, and it is the ideal configuration of multi-function laser welding machine..

Water Compressor Chiller:

This water chiller adopt high power 5P water chiller, and it can cool the laser system continuously, adjust the temperature automatically, ensures working for a long time. The temperature of the water can be kept within plus-minus 5 degree. The constant temperature of water can keep the laser power stable, work more steady and fast.

Motors and Drivers:

This system adopted with two 1500W imported Japanese servo motors and drivers, assuring constant and stable movement.

Pneumatic Feeding & Holding:

The feeding and holding system, which are drived by an air compressor, Thus the customers can work on stainless steel plate easily and accurately.

Germany Technology YAG Generator and Sealed Laser Optic system:

The generator consist of YAG crystal rod,golden chamber,xenon lamp: lifetime of Xenon Lamp is about 500-600 hours, low cost and comparatively economic;Precise and rational design, optical, adjustment for easy lamp and rod replacement

The solid-state laser cutting machine make use of cantilever structure therefore just move beam body to edge during adjustment of laser path, the operator can replace the side lights and rods behind the beam body.

Laser inductive Servo head:

Our solid laser cutting machine uses USA technology auto focusing cutting head. Cutting head laser nozzle locking ring touch the metal sheet materials surface, cutting head move up and down, and it can achieve same focal cutting. The cutting head has high sensitivity, stable running and good reliability.When cutting metal sheet,

Cutting software Interface:

The cutting software can support many formats, such as dxf.,plt.,dsb.,bmp.,png.,ico., cur., tif., tga., pcx., wmf., emf., jbg., pnm., ska., ras.,etc.

Quick Details

Application: Laser Cutting
Applicable Material: Metal, Aluminum, Titanium, Carbon Steel
Cutting Area: Max 5mm Stainless steel
Cutting Speed: Cutting 3000mm/min
Graphic Format Supported: AI, BMP, DST, DWG, DXF, DXP, LAS, PLT
Condition: New
Cutting Thickness: Max 5mm Stainless steel
CNC or Not: Yes
Cooling Mode: Water Cooling
Control Software:NcstudioTM 9.0
Place of Origin: Shandong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name: JIAXIN
Certification: CE, ISO
Color: White/Blue/Red
Laser power: 500W 600W optional
Moving system:Servo motors and ball screw
Servo motors and ball screw: 0.15mm
Max Speed: 6m/min moving, 3m/min cutting
Working area: 1500*3000mm
Laser wavelength: 1064nm
Cooling:Compressed 5P water chiller
Wireless control: Remote controller
Chiller: 5P
After-sales Service Provided: Engineers available to service machine