cnc gantry flame &plasma cutting machine

High Precision 1530 Small CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

Numerical Control Infinite Rotary Flame Three Cutting Torches machine:

This machine mainly cuts the V-type, Y-type, X-type bevel of the work piece which is made up by various linear or curvilinear shape.Our company productive numerical control Infinite Rotary Flame Three Cutting Torches, due to the unique fluid design, it can make the cutting torch head to do real infinite rotation. That brings very convince for cutting machine operation and cutting program design.
Evacuating Type Plasma Cutting Torch Unit:
In order to remove the harmful smoke and dust, the machine may provide with evacuating smoke and removing dust unit.. The place of this unit's evacuating mouth may set up at the location of cutting torches except under the location of cutting desk. This unit not only can remove smoke and dust, but also save power energy.

Max. cutting width 5000mm
Max. cutting length 20000mm
Drive mode Double drive
Transverse optical coding device Panasonic
Longitudinal optical coding device Panasonic
Transverse drive servo motor Panasonic
Longitudinal drive servo motor Panasonic
Transverse gearbox Germany Neugart
Longitudinal gearbox Germany Neugart
Automatic Programming FastCAM, Nesting Software
CNC Plasma torch American Hypertherm or other brand
Plasma power source American Hypertherm or other brand
CNC control system American Hypertherm or other brand
The body is of gantry-type structure
High-precision U71Mn accurate grinding rail way
Operating parts are all of imported gears and racks
Integrated speed adjusting control
Crossbeam: Box welding structure is adopted. After undergoing thermal treatment, it removes pressure, has such advantages as excellent rigidity, high accuracy, light weight and small inertia. Horizontal driving rack (end rack)
Horizontal guide wheels are installed on both ends; the pressing of the guide rail can be adjusted via the eccentric cam on the bottom of the driving rack so that the whole machine can maintain stable direction
Vertical and Horizontal Driving: They are driven by precise gear and rack. The horizontal guide rail adopts precise cold roll guide plate; while the vertical guide rail is made of precisely processed 50kg road rail. The deceleration device adopts precise gear reducer so as to ensure the accuracy and balance of operation

Main technical specifications

Max effective cutting width5000mm
Max effective cutting length20000mm
Rapid speed0-9000mm/min
Plasma edge cutting thicknessAs per the plasma power
Max plasma piercing cutting thicknessAs per the plasma power
Flame cutting thickness (Max.)150mm
Plasma torch numberAs per customer requirement
Flame torch numberAs per customer requirement
Automatic higher Precision<=±1.0mm
Setting speed error≤±5%
Plasma cutting speed50-5500mm/min
Torch lifting distance200mm
Straight line positioning precision±0.2mm/10m
Straight line repeat precision±0.2mm/10m
Complete machine synthesis precision
(the synthesis photo as standard )
length of side(4 sides)1000X1000
live wire speed 500-800mm/min
Length of a side (4 sides)±0.5mm
Diagonal discrepancy/AD-BC±0.5mm
Node discrepancy±0.5mm
Back to the origin of deviation±0.2mm
The deviation of along and reverse line±0.2mm
Cutting surface roughnessRz (um)=70+1.2a
Roughness for sight measure: 12.5
Verticality and gradient toleranceμ(mm)=0.4+0.015a
Running non-straightnessVertical line≤±0.2mm/effective length
Horizontal line≤±0.2mm/effective length
Arcing time factor80%
Lineation precision≤0.5mm
Torch angle error≤±0.5°

Basic Info

cutting speed: 50-9000mm/Min
CNC Ontroller: Micro Edge-PRO/Edge PRO/Sjtu-Sk
Drive Motor: Servo Motor, Panasonic
Trademark: JIAXIN
Transport Package: Veneer Case
Specification: length: 2000mm to 20000mm,width:1500mm to 15000mm
Origin: Shandong,China
HS Code: 845690100