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Cnc Plasma Cutting Machine Iron Plasma Cutter
1.Working stability
2.High efficiency
3.Start control system

Main parameter

To meet the market's need. The plasma-cutting machines are of two types. The PCM-Sl00 and PCM-3100. Both machines consist of a main operating system and a specific software system. The control system uses a industrial computer. The cutting software is of two types. The universal sheet cutting software FASTCAM and the specific duct software SMARTCAM. It's specification can be seen below.

Cutting table(mm)
Cutting Speed(m/min)Weight(kg)
Dimension size(L×W×h)

Main parts

A:Main Machine Control System:
The frame is of a steel welded construction, with a vibration treated coil to reduce internal stress, thus the frame is good quality. X axis adopts high precision line cycle guide, Y axis adopts high precision line guide which reduces moving resistance. X and Y axis have been installed with high precision equipment, in order to guarantee two guide line tolerance of X axis less than 0.05mm and vertical tolerance of X and Y axis less than 0.0$mm. The industrial operation system works in DOS either in English or Chinese, which can changed easily. The maximum work-speed of X axis and Y axis is 8m/min. The industrial computer uses stangard CNC language and can be programmed.

B:Plasma Cutting Machine Main Control System:
Driving & transporting system.
The plasma system is of two types: PCM-5000 and PCM-3100. PCM-3100 is fitted with a MITSUBISHI servomotor and PCM-5000 adopts walking motor of good quality and reliability.
Height adjustment auto system.
PCM-plasma cutting machine has a machinery height adjustment device. The torch gun has a float device which can adjust the height of the gun according to the sheet's level thus keeping the distance between the sheet and the gun constant.
Safe air control system
Utilizing a stable gas valve for sheet discharge and gun floating to make the movement more stable and reliable.
Industrial cont
CNC plasma cutting machine system includes a upper main computer and a high efficient indutrial computer control system. Upper main computer uses a DELL LCD and CPU utalizing Inter Petium III (1GHz); The industrial computer control system utillizes a MITSUBISHI servomotor system with industrial control software and a high clarity LCD. To connect them, a advanced communication system and composing software are used.

C:Plasma Cutting Software:
SMARTCAM software is specially designed for the auto-cutting machine. The whole system consists of SMARTCAM, SMARTMOD and NCEDIT software.
SMARTCAM is the main software. SMARTCAM can program the cutting code and management file automatically. SMARTCAM is a 2D software to make a cutting code, its specially designed for both processing single piece and batch processing. The producing NC code can be used in many different cutting machines.
SMARTMOD is mainly used in setting system specification.
It may strip 3D drawing or form a model automatically. According to the customer's requirement, the software can translate 3D drawing to 2d drawing. [To reduce waste material].
NCEDIT can tset different NC codes of work drawings and simulated the cut.
The software can run in Microsoft Windows 95/98, or Windows NT 4.0 in Chinese, English or Japanese, which can be changed easily. The software is very easy to understand and operate even if you only know the universal demacate nethod of duct size. Considering different\ demand in HVAC, the software modifies ]state by output G/M code].