high speed cnc flame plasma cutting machine , arc welding machine

automated best cheap cnc industrial plasma cutting machine for aluminum

Quick Detail:

1. This equipment including gantry type frame, rail, CNC system, CNC torch,power-operated hight adjusting device, anti-igniting, electric control system, wiring chain, etc. The foundation work, work table, seton support rack made by user, and we provide the relative drawing.

2. This equipment and instrument design and produce accord to industrial and international electrician standard (IEC).


CNC system is adopting America Hypertherm system, with complete function and high reliability.

Automatic programming nesting software is Fastcam (standard version), the special function including: joint cutting, reduce the loss of plate and nozzle, improve the working efficiency.

Beam rail adopt complete rectangular pipe welded according to trapezoidal basket frame structure and through vibration aging treatment, with strong anti-deformation and light inertia. Ensure non-deformation after long time using.

The reducer box is adopt Germany NEUGART high precision reducer, with high transmission, and long time life span

Transmission: the transverse and longitudinal reducer is adopt Germany NEUGART high precision reducer cooperate import servo motor, ensure the stability of running and transmission precision.

Servo driver: with rotate speed, torque, position, tolerance three kinds of monitor mode and functions of malfunction auto alarm, prompt synchronized protection.

Strong spring realize the mesh between gear and rack for transmission, ensure the machine running precision.


CNC cutting machine is used for various shape-cutting on metal-plate, mainly composed of CNC system,longitudinal &transverse driving system, main frame, longitudinal rail, plasma cutting system and auto-height controller. Of which the CNC system and servo system are international renowned brands. The machine is the ideal plate-cutting equipment for customers thanks to its merits of advanced configuration, superior performance, accurate cutting, good quality and stable working. The user-friendly HMI can improve productivity and economic profits greatly.


If you do not see anything that matches your requirements please contact us to discuss your needs further.

Fast traveling speed: 20 - 6000mm/min stepless adjustment

Flame cutting speed: 20 - 1000 mm/ min stepless adjustment

Mechanical precision:

Linear positioning precision: ± 0.2 mm / 10 m

Repeat precision: ± 0.2 mm

Comprehensive line precision: ± 0.2 mm

Mark 800×800MM square, diagonal, back to point precision: ± 0.2 mm

Cutting material: carbon steel, manganese steel

Gas supply: (Requirement to user's gas source)oxygen,propane or acetylene)

Flame cutting thickness: 6MM-200MM

Plasma cutting thickness:25mm(piercing cutting), 50mm(edge cutting)

Cutting workpiece shape: cutting all kind of shape with straight bevel workpiece

Competitive Advantage

Gantry frame1 setFrame structure, the whole sand tempering treatment
electrical control system1 setThe main components are used the French Schneider
24KG rail16 mHigh precision grinding machine is machined
Reducer3 setsNEUGARTGermany
US Hypertherm Powermax200 plasma power1 set
US Hypertherm PHC1 setControl high precision


Stable performance, strong anti-jamming ability
drive bearing1 setHWL
Wiring drag chain2 setsHigh strength wear resistant type
Servo motor3 setsPanasonicJP
Fastcam Cutting software (standard edition)1 setFastcamAUSTRALIAN