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Small Plasma Cutting Machine/cnc plasma Cutter / CNC Plasma Cutting Machine


GC-1530 type is a high-end CNC plasma cutting machine , using imported high hardness aluminum structure. Compared with general portable cutting machine, it has the advantage of higher handling, stability, large transverse cutting area, extensible longitudinal guide rail.


1. CNC control system: Beijing Star Fire 2012 System
2. CNC Controller : Plasma arc voltage height contoller
3. Cutting Graphic: programmable cutting line and any plane shaps parts formed by circular arc
4. Cutting Thickness: 0.1mm-50mm(depending on the actual plasma powder)
5. Cutting Accuracy: National standard JB/T10045.3-45
6. Effective Cutting Width: 1500mm-1800mm
Effective Cutting Length: 2000mm-6000mm ( can be customized according to user's requirements)

2.)Technical Parametres

Model Effective
Cutting Range
Current Voltage
Cutting Speed
The Speed
of Travel
Cutting Thickness
Rated power: 160W
Gas Air Power: Max0.1Mpa
Oxygen Air Power : Max 1.5Mpa
Cutting Way:Gas Cutting , Plasma Cutting
Gas service: Acetylene, Propane

3).Structural Features: Transverse and vertical direction including internal structure, use the integrated aluminum construction and have the advantages of light Weight, high precision .Stability,high temperature resistant,permanent deformation .

Total 2 pcs Wooden Cases, total weight is 130KG
No.1: Wooden Case for vertical and transverse direction and torch electric lifter, Size:250mm*250mm*3500mm
No.2: Wooden Case for controller and software, Size:500m*500mm*500mm.

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