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CNC plasma cutting machine can cut both hardly-oxidized metal and easily oxidized, such as stainless steel, brass, aluminum, and zinc 1-60 mm. This structure is gantry. The length span has various specifications, all of these adopt dual-driving, longitudinal tracks can be configured according to users. The lateral cutting width is 3000 mm – 6000 mm, the longitudinal cutting length is 3000 mm. It can set up several cutting torch, it can also set up CNC and linear cutting both, and fire and flame both. Its main features are that the control system of this type equipped and industrial PC, it can draw CAD on spot, it is being able to track graphs while cutting.


CNC plasma cutting machine is automatic and high efficiency cutting equipment. It is widely used in all kinds of carbon materials cutting, mild steel materials cutting and nonferrous metal precision sheet metal cutting ect.


Working Area (mm)6000 x 60004000 x 60003000 x 3000
Effective Working Area (mm)5200 x 48003200 x 48002000 x 2500
Auto-Inflame1 set
NC Cutting1 set
Controlled Switchsome
Lifting Height of Cutting≤200mm
Cutting Speed0-3500mm/min
Roughness of Cutting SurfaceRa≤12.5μm
Driving SystemThree-Phase AC Motor Dual-DrivingThree-Phase AC Motor Single-Driving

Optional Items

1) CNC Plasma power supply 60A/100A/160A/200A/400A/600A/800A/1000A

2) more cutting torch according to customers’ needs

3) Other Optional devices

Item No.Description
Extended Guide RailSingle Toothed Rack,3M One Section
Extended Guide RailDouble Toothed Rack,3M One Section
Increase Plasma Torch 
Cutting torch Collision Avoidance SystemIncluding Collision Detection
Eclectic Button Height Controllerfor Flame Cutting
Capacitive Height Controller and Auto-Ignitionfor Flame Cutting
Arc Voltage Height Controllerfor Plasma Cutting
Beeline Three-Cutting TorchSpecial for Bevel
Poewe Spraying Lineation Device

Product Features

1) Drive system is domestic step drive, we also can use the world's top products - imported drive system from Japan Panasonic AC servo drive / servo drive made ​​to make the machine run more smoothly, a wider range of variable speed, acceleration time is short;

2) Lifting body with aluminum alloy structure, the use of lift-oriented linear guide, ball screw lift to enhance the use of upgrade;

3) Easy to use automatic programming system for NC programming is no longer complicated.

4) CNC control system uses the latest self-developed control system, with currently the most excellent stability and superior noise immunity.

5) Beam: adopts square tube welded structure, with good rigidity, high precision, light weight, small inertia characteristics. All parts are welded to the stress of dealing with VSR, can effectively avoid the structural deformation;

6) Vertical and horizontal drive: using precision rack and pinion (7 precision) transmission. Horizontal rail linear guides imported from Taiwan, is a vertical guide rails made ​​of precision machining characteristics, to ensure the smooth operation of the cutting machine’ high precision, durable, clean and beautiful; reduction planetary gear reducer, it can ensure the accuracy and balance;

7) Vertical drive bay (side frame): both ends of the horizontal guide wheels fitted, adjust the drive frame the bottom of the eccentric degree of compaction of the rail, so that the machine in motion to maintain a stable orientation. Equipped with a dust collector, always scraping the surface of the rail sweep accumulated debris;

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