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Description of CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

This CNC plasma cutting machine, also called CNC plasma cutter, is widely used in various fields, such as oil industry, pressure vessels, pipe production line, wind power line, etc.

Features of CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

1. This CNC plasma cutter can be equipped with three cutting torches and plasma cutting torch.
2. All components of this cutter have undergone annealing, polishing, and painting.
3. The lifting device of cutting torches can be automatically or electrically lifted by its ball guide rail.
4. Users can use the drag chain type or hanging type in order to display the pipeline.
5. This machine has an access to automatic fire lighting function.

Technical Parameters of CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

ModelDriving formRail gap
Effective width
Cutting thickness(mm)Cutting speed(mm/min)Max speed (mm/min)Vertical range (mm)
Flame cuttingPlasma cutting machineFlame cuttingPlasma cutting
CNC I-2500Single side250016006-200 (Refer to the performance of the cutting head)Varies with different models100-750 (Refer to the performance of the cutting head)Varies with the power supply6000200
CNC I-3000Single side350021006000200
CNC I-4000Single side4000310012000200
CNC-II-4000Double side4000310012000200
CNC-II-5000Double side5000410012000200
CNC-II-6000Double side6000510012000200
CNC-II-7000Double side7000610012000200
CNC-II-8000Double side8000710012000200
CNC-II-9000Double side90000810012000200
CNC-II-11000Double side110001010012000200
CNC-II-12000Double side120001110012000200
CNC-II-13000Double side130001210012000200

Technical Parameters of CNC Series Digital Multi-Head Straight Cutter

ModelDriving formRail gap (mm)Effective width(mm)Cutting thickness (mm)Cutting speed (mm/min)Max. speed (mm/min)Vertical range (mm)
CNC-3000Single side300021006-200 (Refer to the performance of the cutting head)100-750 (Refer to the performance of the cutting head)6000150
CNC-3500Single side350026006000150
CNC-4000Single side4000310012000150
CNC--5000Double side5000410012000150
CNC-6000Double side6000510012000150
CNC-7000Double side7000610012000150
CNC-8000Double side8000710012000150
CNC-9000Double side9000810012000150
CNC-10000Double side10000900012000150
CNC-11000Double side110001010012000150
CNC-12000Double side120001110012000150
CNC-13000Double side130001210012000150

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